The best Caviar in the world comes from Persian sturgeon fish and Saffron, the Persian red gold, is the best ingredient to add flavor to your food in the whole world and the Persian artists who tie the knots of love to wool and create artistic patterns to the Carpets.

This traditional journey continues with LISBCO in their own alchemy to create unique products, whose origins dates back to the 7,500-year-old Persian civilization. Products combined with the marvelous effect of Persian Saffron, delicateness like Persian Rose, precious like Persian Caviar as well as precision and elegance of Persian Carpets.


LISBCO is established in Persia based on researching, developing, and producing entirely herbal and natural products, using no chemicals and fully protecting the environment.

Having studied over ten thousands pages of texts and books by the Persian scholars, our experienced experts and researchers gained the knowledge and mystery contained in them, and apply them to produce completely natural and herbal products with LISBCO brand.

Due to the natural and herbal nature of the raw materials and seasonal growth, the production of the LISBCO products is limited.

In Persia, discovering and producing the elixir of youth and beauty dates back to their ancient civilization. LISBCO, using this experience of Persian scientists and alchemists, combined with unique materials that nature brings to this beautiful land, certain plants that only have a desire to grow in this climate and magic formulas, produce exceptional products.


LISBCO with the aim of producing Rose water, Essences pasteurized, Syrups, Drinks, Oils, Flavorings, Extracts, Food and Cosmetic products to design and build three factories in three main habitat of herbal plants.

The annual production 2,000 tons Persian rose water, 2,000 tons Persian herbal distillate, 2,000 kilogram Persian rose essential oils, Drink and Cosmetic products.


 About LISBCO brand:

•  100% Organic, Natural Rich and Pure Herbal

•  Alcohol and Chemicals Free

•  Hygienically and Pasteurized

•  No Preservatives

•  Protected from the sun's damaging light

•  Protected from outside air and oxidation.

•  Special unique properties specific to each product


LISBCO will provide the domestic market, exports to the five continents of the world on its agenda in this regard that export to Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan and the countries of the Persian Gulf began.

LISBCO was opened in 2011 at Thailand. We have expanded into the Natural Cosmetic and Food business focusing on import-export, wholesale and marketing.


Department of Laboratory


 The group members having expertise in the field of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Chemistry and Applied Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Senior and extraction facilities, oil making, isolation, identification and formulation drugs in the analysis, detection and isolation of natural products and formulations In order to serve the masters and doctoral students and pharmaceutical industry works.


Head of  Activity Group

 Isolation, purification, identification and quantification derivatives compounds (volatile and non-volatile compounds) and study on biological effects

 Formulation and standardization of herbal extracts and herbal Products

 study on optimization methods of products (oils and extracts)

 Collect traditional herbal plants information and their products


Abilities Group

• Separation and purification of natural compounds

• Identify the structure of chemical compounds

• Analysis and Determination of herbal compounds

• Standardization of natural products

• Formulation of herbal products

• Cytotoxic Effects Herb

• Antioxidant effects of herbs

• Analysis and identification and quantification of herbal plants

• Analysis of herbal Plants

• Analysis of essential oils

• Analysis of extracts from herbal plants

• Instrumental analysis of essential oils and extracts

• Analysis of Herbal Essences and herbal water

• Analysis of Phytochemistry

• Oil Analysis



IPC Lab: Product, manufacturing and packaging controller


Microbial Lab: Detection and cultivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts determine the type and extent allowed by aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms in water, raw materials food and cosmetic products are the main activities of the microbiology department


•  Microbial control product of manufacturing and packaging

•  Microbial contamination control of products and packaging

•  Microbial control of herbal distillates, extracts, essential oils and flavors

•  Microbial control of raw materials, food, cosmetics and health products

•  Microbial control of paper and packaging materials for the food and cosmetic products


Classic Lab: Preparation extraction with percolation and maceration method (for laboratory, pilot and industrial)


• Preparation essential oils with Clevenger apparatus and different methods (for laboratory, pilot and industrial)

• Macro wave extraction set for preparation extract and essential oils (for laboratory)

• Rotary evaporation set for separation extracts solvent

• Freeze dryer set for remove extracts water

• Solvent Distiller for solvent recovery (for laboratory, pilot and industrial)

• Phytochemical and chemical analysis of herbal distillates, extracts, essential oils and flavors

• Chemical analysis of raw materials, food, beverages and cosmetic products

• Physical Analysis of food and Cosmetics

• Detection of natural essential oils from synthetic essential oils

• Determination of essential oils in the fresh plant, extracts, dry extracts, synthetic flavors and flavors

• Determine the moisture content of the fresh plant, dried, extracts, essential oils, synthetic flavors and flavors

• Physical and chemical analysis devices

• Preparation reference and working standards with chromatography Method required companies and students

• Identification and separation  of alkaloids

• Derivative fats

• Perform kinds of samples preparations


Instrumental Analysis Lab: Equipped with advanced chromatography and spectroscopic device that has the ability to perform the following activities and services:

• Perform articles, Research projects, Theses of medicinal chemistry, Phytochemistry and    Agriculture

• Launch labs

• Develop methods

• Specialized workshops and training courses for technical officials and students

• Quantitative and qualitative analysis essential oils with gas chromatography and gas chromatography mass spectrometry

• Quantitative and qualitative analysis extracts with high performance liquid chromatography

• Developed for determining the chemical structure

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