LI SIAM BOUTIQUE CO., LTD.  was opened in 2011 in Thailand. We have expanded into the Natural and Healthy (Food, Drink, Skin Care, Beauty and Spa) Products focusing on Manufacture, Import-Export, Wholesale and Marketing.

LISBCO Manufacture Premium Quality Products. 


If you are searching for pure natural and healthy (Food, Drink, Skin Care, Beauty and Spa) products that are great for your body and health, The LISBCO is the right destination to find everything you are looking for and more.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to care for you now! The LISBCO offers a wonderful selection of wide ranging herbal products designed to meet all of your body care needs.


We are sure you’ll like our high quality and competitively priced products, such as Dried Fruits & Nuts, Herbal Tea & Drink, Skincare, Body Massage Oils, Bath Salt, Pure Essential Oils, Body Lotion, Herbal Ball, Herbal Balm, Thai Herbs and much more.


Customers all over the world are enjoying the benefits of LISBCO products made from only the best natural ingredients to offer.


Our service is delivered in a speedy and efficient manner, so don’t delay your order from our wide range of all natural items today!


Since 2011, it is our mission to enhance each partner’s performance, efficiency and effectiveness by educating them with the related product knowledge. We consider it a part of our responsibility and fulfill it by consulting and offering multiple ways to achieve the desired result. We facilitate by implementing creative solutions to fulfill the needs of each partner at the right price. Our professional and friendly staff will assist each partner and provide support until we reach the ultimate outcome for each and every one of them.


 About LISBCO brand:

•  100% Organic, Natural Rich and Pure Herbal

•  Alcohol and Chemicals Free

•  Hygienically and Pasteurized

•  No Preservatives

•  Protected from the sun's damaging light

•  Protected from outside air and oxidation.

•  Special unique properties specific to each product

- No Animal Testing

- In-House Quality Control Systems

- In-House Shelf Life Testing

- Continued Industry Education

- Vegan Formulas

- Sustainable Raw Materials

- Sustainable Practices

- Recycled packaging, shipping, and marketing materials

- Biodegradable Products

- Women Owned and Operated

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