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Why Persian Pickles?


Production of Persian Pickles dates back to 2800 years ago. With four seasons, extremely fertile soil and unique micro climates in certain parts of Persia, this gave rise to products of the highest quality. Full industrial production started 100 years ago in Persia and now is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters in the world not only of pickled products but also of high quality fresh produce and natural processed food products.


Important points for the superior quality of our products:

  • 100% natural - made from farmed organic products only
  • Farmed in natural open farms and not in greenhouses 
  • Due to micro climates of the faming regions, this gives rise to unique flavors in the fresh produce
  • Using only the selected highest quality produce 
  • No chemicals or chemical preservatives are used in production 
  • Vinegar used is natural Persian vinegar which is made from the best grapes and contains no additives at all.   
  • Hence the product can be kept for 2 years in cool areas with no direct sunlight 
  • Farming must follow the strict testing procedures, farming laws and guidlines of the following legislative bodies: Ministry of Health, Iranian FDA, Bureau of Standards and the regulatory unit of Persia


As a result, Persian pickled products have the best quality, aroma and taste


Quality Control and Assurance process:

  • Testing by Ministry of Health, Iranian FDA and Bureau of Standards 
    • Frequent scheduled testing of the soil and water of the farms
    • Selected sampling of the produce before harvest 
  • After passing these tests, an authorization for harvest is granted 
  • After production, products are randomly sampled and tested by these organizations again 
  • If the test results are in accordance with the standards, then these licensed products are allowed to be exported.
  • Health Ministry officials also conduct monthly random sampling of products in the warehouse to check ensure that the quality of the products are consistent. In the event of a change in the quality, the sale license will be canceled.


Persian Pickled Production process:

  • Production can only start when authorisation is granted upon passing the above tests
  • From the harvesting of raw materials to completion of production must be done within 36 hours to ensure freshness
  • Raw materials will be thoroughly washed and then dried.
  • Then check is done to ensure low quality raw materials are separated.
  • Products are pasteurized, cooled and ready for storage for 20 days of pickling process for best quality.


Persian Vinegar Production:

  • As alcohol production is not allowed in Persia, this gives a stable steady supply of the best quality grapes grown in the dirverse micro climates within the country for vinegar production 
  • The vinegar is only made from the best quality grapes
  • No chemicals are allowed to used at all

LISBCO have much experience in producing, selling and exporting to America, Canada and European countries. 

LISBCO is now the first importer in East Asia. As we are proud of our country’s long history in these products, we commit to only bringing the best quality products to your tables. We are only caretakers of our nation’s honored history and we promise to deliver the best products to you.