Savin Carpet



 Rely on its experience for more than quarter of a century; Savin Carpet Co. is the first manufacturer of 30 and 60 color carpets, exporting products to 5 continents. 

We manufacture carpets for various tastes. Employing expert personnel as well as the latest machinery and modern technology, along with pioneers of the world carpet industry; this group has made efforts to ensure customer satisfaction by presenting products in accordance with global standards of production and supply.

Therefore, the entire products of Savin Carpet hold the national standards code from ISIRI, quality management international certificate ISO 9001-2000, Belcoro quality standards from Germany for excellent quality and a member of the worldwide IQNet certification. All achieved awards and honors so far, have demonstrated great success results by hard work and efforts which have been done by our companys’ managers & personnel.

Savin Carpet products are offered throughout the Iranian market as a number of famous collections with high reputation ,including: Pars – Ganjineh – Safavi – Almas – Kerman – Abgineh – Mahour – Gabbeh – Golestan – Silver – Pasargad – Pazirik – Adena – Sadaf – Arghavan (Chocolate) – Savin Metal – Toranj – Kid , each of them comes with different prices and specifications.

Savin carpet Co. always has done its best to create diversity and innovation as well as response to different tastes of the esteemed consumers, so that every individual with any tastes would be able to find their most favorite carpet among Savin traditional and modern products collections, since:

 We have woven a carpet for every taste

  Objectives of Savin Carpet 

 The objective of Savin Carpet is to engage in domestic and foreign markets, presenting products according to national and international standards as well as customer needs. To that end, Savin has been making great effort to improve the quality of its products and ensure customer satisfaction through employment of the world latest technology based on innovation and experience of hardworking specialists. There are several objectives that Savin Carpet pursues as below:

- Promote the culture of standardization with respect to the goods manufactured inside the country

- Manufacture products of highest quality standards and provide services to customers as the major commitment of the company

- Training, growth and development of technical knowledge in managers and the personnel.

- Gain further customer trust and satisfaction 

- Manufacture products with regard to customer needs (in terms of color, design, pattern, dimensions, etc) in order to increase the company’s market share.

- Purchase the required machinery for new production lines and enhance the diversity of products in order to efficiently response to customer tastes at national and international levels. 

 Mission of the Organization

 Upon the help of God and reliance on valuable experience of leaders and pioneers in the country’s textile industry along with technical knowledge of the Iranian committed youth, we always think of prosperity and pride throughout our Islamic vast homeland with a spirit of entrepreneurship. In this way, we make efforts by employing the world latest technology to manufacture a variety of products according to international standards and also encourage the Iranian society to buy national products. Therefore, we have aimed at customer satisfaction, consumer rights, creating added value, respect for social rights, environmental protection, and ultimately sustainable development of the Islamic republic of Iran.

Savin Carpet has been described as leading, creative, innovative, flexible and perfectionist. It has been preparing for a long journey to develop the national textile industry, moving in the direction of appreciating homeland and the beloved people of Iran.

In addition to developing the market and increasing diversity in its products, Savin Carpet attempts to gain satisfaction of the entire spectrum of consumers by providing ease of access to the goods and also take steps to improve its products by continuous monitoring over quality. 

The mission of Savin Carpet is not merely manufacturing carpets, but it always pursues a mission greater than supplying goods required by customers. In fact, Savin Carpet honors national production in Iran as a reliable motto, aiming at the home market as well as export to five continents of the world.

 Code of Ethics

 - We are obliged to meet the needs of our customers to the utmost quality.

- We supply and improve products based on customer needs.

- We commit ourselves to provide customer service with the highest quality standards.

- We believe in teamwork and regard it as the reason of our success.

- We will do our best to obtain the main goal: customer satisfaction

- We value our customer’s time and try to facilitate decision-making, providing services and instant shipment.

Best in variety of products

Relying on God’s help, we will continue our assiduous activity to provide various up-to-date services in order to satisfy the need of our respected customers.